The Change Faith Provides
January 14, 2018

The Change Faith Provides

Passage: James 1:9-12
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Key Concept of James: Faith

Key Concept of James 1:9-12:

Faith will bring an exalted position in God’s kingdom and our attitude toward wealth


I. Faith Will Change Your Position in God’s Kingdom

(vv. 9-11)

A. In the End, Believers in a Low Position will be Exalted

1. Believers should Boast in the High Position that God Graciously Gives Them

B. In the End, those in a High Position will be Humbled

II. Faithful Endurance Brings Blessing (v. 12)

So, what?

Questions to consider later

1. How does knowing that your faith in Jesus will one day bring you an exalted position in God’s kingdom change how you live now?

2. In what ways can you boast in God to others?

3. Wealth is a tricky topic for Christians. How does this message better equip you to have a right understanding about wealth?

4. James is adamant about what the rich can expect at the end times. If James were to have a one-on-one conversation with you, would he like your attitude toward wealth? Why or why not? What might you need change?

5. How does knowing that, as a believer, you are blessed when you suffer trial, especially the trial of being poor? How might this change the way you live?

6. in your own words summarize the message, and how does it directly apply to you, and how does it apply to your life’s circumstances?

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