Proper Behavior Under Temptation
January 21, 2018

Proper Behavior Under Temptation

Passage: James 1:13-18
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Key Concept of James: Faith

 Key Concept of James 1:13-18:

Genuine faith causes proper behavior under temptation

I. God cannot be Tempted by Evil (v. 13)

A. God cannot Lure Us into Doing Evil

II. Temptation is Rooted in Our Own Evil Desires (vv. 14-15)

A. Evil Desires Lead to Sin

B. Sin Leads to Death

III. A Right Understanding of God’s Character Keeps Us from being Lured into Temptation (v.16-18)

A. God is the Giver of Good (vv. 17a)

B. God is a Father to Believers (v. 17b)

C. God is Unchanging and Entirely Trustworthy (v. 17c)

D. God Brings Forth Believers by the Word of Truth (v. 18)

1. Believers are God’s “Firstfruits” and They are to Reflect God’s Character to the World




So, what?





Questions to consider later

  1. We have been reminded that temptation is rooted in our own evil desires. How does remembering this truth help you fight against temptation in your life?
  2. How reassuring is it to know that God never lures you into temptation? How might this help you trust God better?
  3. Why is it important to understand God’s character/nature?
  4. In this text, what is God like?
  5. Why is important to understand that God does not change? What implications does that have in your life? What implications are there if God can or does change?
  6. What impact does it make in your life to know that God birthed you to be a believer?
  7. As a “firstfruit” of God’s, how will you reflect his character to the world?

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